Case Study: Exploring the potential for a new mobile game


Business challenge

We were asked by a PC gaming company to investigate the potential to launch a mobile game based around their core brand identity



First we needed to understand the market and the potential size of the prize. Desk research and market analytics revealed a buoyant and growing category within the mobile gaming sector, suggesting enough potential to justify the investment of developing and launching a new title

Next we needed to understand who the game might appeal to. Current franchise fans were our first port of call. A large scale quantitative survey with existing and lapsed players revealed appetite for a mobile version of their beloved PC game. We then needed to explore the wider potential. A further large scale quantitative survey of mobile gamers was conducted to understand which groups the game might appeal to, and what aspects of the game drove this.




Clear direction for the business on the potential to launch the title, an understanding of who the target audiences for the game were, and the critical must haves within the title to ensure it delivered on the brand essence from the PC title, without alienating non fans.